Happiest Montana Homeowners Around

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It has been one full year since our dream log cabin home, has been completed by Ken Walters Construction. From the moment we first sat down at breakfast and discussed plans with Ken and Beckie Walters, to presently, we have felt like a part of their family.

The process of building our dream retirement home in Montana would have normally been very difficult for many builders and land owners due to us living full time in South Carolina. However, the communication from Ken was impeccable. He used every imaginable social media device to keep us fully engaged and a part of the whole process. Never once did I regret living out of state, due to not being able to be physically present, because he was very aware and proactive to our desire to be an integral part of the whole process.

Ken and Beckie made it seem natural, as though this was an ever day occurrence that all decisions were predominately made over long distance mediums. Ken’s creativity, designs, skilled craftsmanship and ingenuity surpasses our wildest dreams of what the cabin would look like in the end.

But far more importantly than that, is that we have made lifelong friends. The Walters family cares about our place and checks up on our place and shows an interest in staying in touch. Most builders after you close on the house really have no part in your life. Their family has fortunately become forever intertwined with our family and we are very blessed to have had the opportunity to be introduced to them three years ago.

Sincerely the happiest Montana home owners around,

– The Palm’s